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Marcy is currently writing as a guest author on The Mary Sue and as a contributor on Panels. She also writes on TransCanuck, a website that, with co-owner Jules, aims to help and educate transgender Canadians.

Marcy has also been published on Women Write About Comics.

Current Projects

My current projects include:

  • Loop: Four volume all ages comic book saga
  • Pounder: 14 page super-hero comic story collaboration with artist G Pike
  • Purple Love Balloon: A romance story to be published by Rosy Press, in collaboration with artist Maya Kern
  • Editing my short stories to be self published in two volumes

Past Projects

My past projects include:

  • Eleanor and Christine, a short story to be print published in 2016 in a relationships anthology
  • Over 40 sci-fi and fantasy short stories, scaling between 1000-8000 words
  • Numerous websites and articles


Many of my short stories were online for a while, they have now been removed to edit them ready for publishing. Sorry but now you’ll have to wait and buy them as ebooks! My article writing has been taking priority but stories have always been what attracted me to write and I will be getting back to shorts and continuing my first novel.




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