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I Am Cait Episode 7 – Back to Standard Reality TV

To its detriment, this week’s I Am Cait dips a little back towards the more standard reality TV template. It’s still not following the same content of reality TV but after two shows where they decided to throw the formulae out of the window we’re back to reality TV land. That’s not to say this is a bad episode, it’s not, it had a couple of interesting things in it but it’s not as different as the last two and I think that’s a pity.

I Am Cait Episode 5 – The Good One


To me this was the least reality TV—but most real—of all the episodes that we’ve seen so far. We got a little slice of life into Caitlyn Jenner’s private world when all the parties aren’t happening. It was also very relatable, and I unexpectedly found myself nodding along in a couple of places and reaching for the tissues. There was no drama in this episode, despite the heavy-handed use of dramatic music to try to create the illusion of drama. You might find people writing less about this episode than any other.

Watch Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Now!

Star Vs The Forces of Evil is different from most other cartoons aimed at girls. At first, you might not see why—the main protagonist is called Star Butterfly, a super enthusiastic teen who loves rainbows, unicorns, pink and kicking butt. StarVsFoE is only the second Disney TV Animation to be created by a woman in seventeen years, Daron Nefcy. StarVsFoE created such a buzz within Disney that they renewed the show for a second season before the first season had even aired.