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Questionable Content – The Claire Interview


I originally wrote this for The Mary Sue.

Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques is one of the popular and longest running webcomics online. Aside from a few filler guest strips Jeph has been writing and illustrating QC since 2003, and since 2004 it’s been updated five times a week. It’s a tough commitment but after only a year of QC it became his full time career and now has amassed 2849 editions. Not many webcomics ever achieve either of those feats.

Canada Fails on Equal Rights – Again

Senator Don Plett, you don’t know me but I suspect we have a few things in common. At the most basic level we are of course both humans, we are also Canadian citizens and happen to both be married. My wife was born in Manitoba, just outside Winnipeg, and in my travels around her homeland I have been lucky enough to meet many polite and wonderful Manitobans, no matter how chilly the weather.

State of the Trans Nation 2014


Originally posted to The Mary Sue

When I hear some positive trans news I have an instinctive mental flinch. It’s rare when news about trans issues is unabashedly positive, I wait for the insensitivity or outright attacks to start. Even when an online article is unabashedly positive—and this is rare—the comment section will be awash with attacks and abuse from cisgender people, straight and gay. Although it’s different here at TMS, generally Internet rule #2473 applies: never read a comment section! Yet I’d be willing to argue that overall, 2014 has been a positive year for trans people, but I’m not saying that without caveats. ROUS-sized caveats, in fact, as the year has had many tragedies, too. This is the TMS state of the trans nation address, highlighting a few of the biggest trans stories of 2014. I know I’ll be missing some of your important stories, so discuss them in the comments below.


Why Transparent has lost the trust of the transgender community


Originally posted to The Mary Sue

I’ve written about the issues I have with Transparent before, but buckle in – we’re going to take another spin. I was one of the people on Twitter that was not happy with all the mainstream media attention the show received, especially after the Golden Globes. The speeches were good, and the show genuinely does have it’s heart in the right place, as does the main lead. But public opinion on Transparent is split: to cisgender people, it’s a positive accurate portrayal of the “trans experience”; to transgender people, it’s a lot less accurate and positive.


Eddie Redmayne And Hollywood’s Cis Problem


Originally appeared on The Mary Sue

Who you cast is a representation of the story you want to tell. The body personifies how someone speaks, how they move, and the facial expressions they make – all of which becomes the vehicle for conveying the story. So the act of casting is very important, and only gets more important when the story to be told is not just for entertainment. If you are telling the story of an oppressed subset of society, the casting becomes absolutely vital.


The Media Aren’t The Only Ones Failing Transgender Women of Color


Originally from The Mary Sue

I think we can all agree at this point that the coverage of transgender women in mainstream media is terrible. The handling of trans issues is not exactly positive even at the best of times, and this is despite handy media guides put out by the likes of GLAAD. When it comes to transgender women of colour (TWoC) the coverage gets worse, it spans all the way from disrespectful at one end to abusive lies at the other and recent tragedies have brought this to light in the worst way.