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Geek Girls Review of Windows 10

Microsoft had to act fast after the Windows 8 debacle. People were unhappy with the new OS and the adoption rate was even slower than Vista’s. Huge numbers of people remained on Windows 7 because it worked better on non-touchscreen devices. Even now, 60% of users are on Windows 7 with only 13% on Windows 8—almost the same number as XP, which launched over a decade ago on April 2005.

Trans Male Representation in the Media


Recently there has been a lot of talk about Aydian Dowling. He’s in competition run by Men’s Health Magazine, where one of their readers could become their next cover model; someone who has leadership, has helped their community, and exemplifies the fitness goals of the magazine. Aydian has done all those, and then some. Currently he’s way ahead in the magazines public voting poll and it seems like he’s going to win easily. So why is this news outside of the fitness geek circle?

Questionable Content – The Claire Interview


I originally wrote this for The Mary Sue.

Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques is one of the popular and longest running webcomics online. Aside from a few filler guest strips Jeph has been writing and illustrating QC since 2003, and since 2004 it’s been updated five times a week. It’s a tough commitment but after only a year of QC it became his full time career and now has amassed 2849 editions. Not many webcomics ever achieve either of those feats.

Ms. Marvel Issues #1-9 Catch-up!


I originally wrote this for The Mary Sue

I’m a huge fan of the updated Ms. Marvel with Kamala Khan as the protagonist. Marvel has been hitting it out of the park with this comic and even my forgetful 10 year old daughter asks me repeatedly when the next issue is coming out. If you haven’t hopped on board yet you really should and here’s a spoiler filled comic catch-up of what’s been happening so far so you can start at #10, out November 19th..

Occupotty and the Privilege of Passing

Michael-Hughes-640x3201Originally posted on The Mary Sue

I’ve always been on the edge of acceptability. When I was young and pretending to be cisgender, I was bullied, and it pushed me into the world of computer and console gaming, where I could shut out a lot of the world. (Thank you ZX Spectrum 48k, your bouncy rubber keyboard helped me a lot.) Years later, me pretending to be cis went out the window. I was older when I started to transition; this is the standard pattern for transgender women – or at least it was.