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Hellishly Good Hellcat Mrowl

Hellcat #1, written by Kate Leth, art by Brittney L Williams, colours by Megan Wilson, letters by VC’s Joe Sabino & Clayton Cowles, cover by Brittney Williams

I prepared for the 2016 comic book version of Hellcat by reading some of the old 2008 run (the only other exposure to Patsy Walker I’ve had before this was on the Jessica Jones Netflix series). In the old comics Patsy was enthusiastic if haphazard, bouncing around solving things using her mystic senses, some punching, and a lot of talking. The modern Hellcat of 2016 modernizes but builds on the old Patsy and the ground laid by Marvel’s She-HulkSquirrel Girl, and DC’s Gotham Academy.

Super Mario Maker – Why Nintendo Is Still Good

Jumpman, a carpenter who later became the plumber Mario Mario, has been in a few games over the years, often joined by his brother, Luigi Mario. Mario’s first game was in a repurposed Radar Scope cabinet and based on a revised version of the Popeye arcade game that Nintendo bid for but lost. It was, of course, Donkey Kong, where an escaped Ape holds Mario’s girlfriend hostage; she was originally ‘The Lady’ and later became Pauline (not Daisy).

I Am Cait Episode 7 – Back to Standard Reality TV

To its detriment, this week’s I Am Cait dips a little back towards the more standard reality TV template. It’s still not following the same content of reality TV but after two shows where they decided to throw the formulae out of the window we’re back to reality TV land. That’s not to say this is a bad episode, it’s not, it had a couple of interesting things in it but it’s not as different as the last two and I think that’s a pity.

Star Wars The Force Awakens in Lego

On the morning of Force Friday I walked over to my local Toys R Us to see if they had received a shipment the new Star Wars Lego sets. I wandered around the Lego aisle and they had nothing from The Force Awakens and oddly no-one else was around. Feeling dejected as a squirrel with no nuts, I nearly wandered back out of the store, but I thought I’d just go see the new Star Wars toys before I left. I quickly realized why no-one was in the normal Lego aisle, the store had set up a Star Wars zone and it was filled with Star Wars nerds just like me.

Geek Girls Review of Windows 10

Microsoft had to act fast after the Windows 8 debacle. People were unhappy with the new OS and the adoption rate was even slower than Vista’s. Huge numbers of people remained on Windows 7 because it worked better on non-touchscreen devices. Even now, 60% of users are on Windows 7 with only 13% on Windows 8—almost the same number as XP, which launched over a decade ago on April 2005.

Splatoon – Nintendo at its Best

Nintendo is my gaming platform of choice. First it was Intellivision, then a Spectrum 48k, then Sega. I imported a Megadrive from Japan way before they were available in England; I vividly remember getting mocked for owning a console that no one had heard of, and yet the next year everyone was buying them. FML. Though Sega was my first console love, Nintendo owns my gaming heart. When you look at the car industry, the big innovator that others copy is Mercedes Benz. In the console world, it’s Nintendo.