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Hellishly Good Hellcat Mrowl

Hellcat #1, written by Kate Leth, art by Brittney L Williams, colours by Megan Wilson, letters by VC’s Joe Sabino & Clayton Cowles, cover by Brittney Williams

I prepared for the 2016 comic book version of Hellcat by reading some of the old 2008 run (the only other exposure to Patsy Walker I’ve had before this was on the Jessica Jones Netflix series). In the old comics Patsy was enthusiastic if haphazard, bouncing around solving things using her mystic senses, some punching, and a lot of talking. The modern Hellcat of 2016 modernizes but builds on the old Patsy and the ground laid by Marvel’s She-HulkSquirrel Girl, and DC’s Gotham Academy.

Marvel Universe Live

I just went to see the show Marvel Universe Live. (I keep writing Lice, but that is a whole other show; 10/10, would itch again). MUL, as the name suggests, is a live action play set in the Marvel universe. Of course it doesn’t have the movie stars involved; everyone here is an acrobat or stunt person; no Chris Hemsworth or Robert Downey Jr. That doesn’t stop this from being campy fun.

The Marvel Excalibur Movie I Want To See


Marvel is willing to make movies out of its more obscure properties; we’ve seen this already with Guardians and Ant-Man. Both of those were pretty far down in the Marvel roster of popularity. The movie boost worked for Guardians, I’m not yet convinced it will work for Ant-Man, I have doubts but we’ll see soon enough. So what about properties that were once not obscure but no longer exist?