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Invader Zim RETURNS

I’m a huge fan of Invader Zim, have been since I was introduced to the show just after I moved to Canada. I devoured it; Zim was different than any cartoon I’d seen, and it’s stuck with me over the years. Now, Oni Press are publishing a new series of Zim comics that carry on from where the TV show left off—this time without the interference from Nickelodeon and the restrictions of animation. When Invader Zim first aired way back in 2001, the show was a departure for Nickelodeon. They wanted more adult shows to increase their audience, but I’m not sure they knew what they were getting with Jhonen Vasquez. Zim was different; the art is stylised, as is the colour pallet and the voice acting (Zim was voiced by Richard Horvitz who strained his voice shouting Zim’s lines). Invader Zim was unique.