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Transgender Employee Treatment in 2015 You can come out. It's just never promote you again, or even listen to you

HRC have released their 2015 Corporate Equality Index. This annual study shows which are the best U.S. firms to work for if you are LGBT, you can find it here. HRC has had something of a questionable relationship with transgender people over the years, but this annual research has been conducted since 2002, providing a treasure trove of data for how corporate America has changed its attitude towards LGBT staff; I’m going to look in particular detail about how the that relationship is evolving for transgender employees.

Coming Out at Work As Transgender Airing my underwear on the Internet

I’ve been hiding the fact I’m transgender from my workplace for years now, because I’m absolutely terrified of coming out where I work. Telling my parents was much easier than this! I think it’s a mixture of things that has been stopping me, and some of them make no sense even to me. For example: fear of losing respect, of being the focus and attention of colleagues and strangers, and (the biggie) a fear of losing my job. Of course, really only the latter one matters, but when you have anxiety like I do, you lose your grip on whether something is small in scale or huge.