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Harassment Within Comics Or how I broke myself

The comics industry is in deep trouble. Not because it isn’t getting taken seriously, it is; the sheer volume of comic book movies, novels and articles about comics can attest to that.

It isn’t even that comics aren’t making money. Sales are up in many key ways, women are in particular buying more books than ever before, and that holds true for PoC as well. Independent comics are selling more than ever. In some ways the entire industry is in the best place it has ever been in. So why is the industry in deep trouble?

Why LumberJanes Issue 17 is so Very Awesome

“Brother and sisters, take a knee. For today I’m here to preach to you the wonder of Lumberjanes. For Lumberjanes is the comic you should be reading. Should you have failed to be reading Lumberjanes, I suggest that you rectify this most urgently and pur-chase the Lumberjanes at once from your nearest Lumberjanes stockist or using the power of elec-ricity. All hail and beware the Kitten Holy. Please turn to hymn 23:14, ‘The Mountain is Mighty and Don’t ye Dare Wake it Now’ and sing along with me.”

Astro 16 & The Eisner Awards

stro City #16 is up for an Eisner Award this year. Why is this great news?

The story is called Wish I May, written by Kurt Busiek, art by Brent Eric Anderson, and it’s published by DC/Vertigo. Astro City has previously won 12 Eisner awards so to some extent there was a feeling of burnout when it was announced this year that it’s up for another. Astro City, again?! Look at it this way: Other comic books need to up their game, Astro City can’t help being this good. Why is Wish I May in particular up for an Eisner and why do I care so much about it? It’s complex, for personal reasons, and the issue takes some reading because it’s set in multiple time periods from two different perspectives. Before I get to why I think it matters I need to explain the story in depth, so spoiler alert for a comic that came out back in December 2014.

Cash & Carrie #1

Cash & Carrie #1 by Giulie Speziani and Penny is an independent comic from Crowntaker Studios; it has an interesting background but I’ll get to that later. I’m something of a comics extremist; I love all ages comics and I love sexy comics – I read the stuff in-between too but it’s rare when a muscled superhero story really grabs me these days. No white dudes punching each other through walls here, C&C is a gentle all-ages mystery comic.

Which Web to Weave? Guide to the Spider-Women

I’ve never really liked Spider-Man; he just never interested me as a character. I’ve read some old school Spider-Man back in the classic pouch-laden 1990s, but they didn’t grab me and since then I’ve not bothered to pick up a Spider-Man comic. I know how much of a tent-pole figure Spidey is for Marvel and I even enjoyed a couple of the movies but I still never felt the need to really … spider.

The Batgirl & Joker Cover Controversy Shows The Comic Book Industry Is Growing Up

Recently, DC Comics started circulating June’s variant covers that feature the Joker across different comic book series. The aim was to celebrate 2015 as the 75th anniversary of the Joker. Only things have gone a little wrong. The art across the covers was pretty great, so it wasn’t that. What DC got wrong was the tone on a couple of covers. Look at how spot on the Catwoman cover is, or Aquaman’s or Superman’s faux wedding. Then look at Batgirl’s cover, and to a lesser degree Wonder Woman’s cover. The tonal difference is stark.

Ms. Marvel Issues #1-9 Catch-up!


I originally wrote this for The Mary Sue

I’m a huge fan of the updated Ms. Marvel with Kamala Khan as the protagonist. Marvel has been hitting it out of the park with this comic and even my forgetful 10 year old daughter asks me repeatedly when the next issue is coming out. If you haven’t hopped on board yet you really should and here’s a spoiler filled comic catch-up of what’s been happening so far so you can start at #10, out November 19th..