I Am Cait Episode 5 – The Good One


To me this was the least reality TV—but most real—of all the episodes that we’ve seen so far. We got a little slice of life into Caitlyn Jenner’s private world when all the parties aren’t happening. It was also very relatable, and I unexpectedly found myself nodding along in a couple of places and reaching for the tissues. There was no drama in this episode, despite the heavy-handed use of dramatic music to try to create the illusion of drama. You might find people writing less about this episode than any other.

MRA Actions Fail at the 2015 Hugo Awards


If you are at all a Sci-Fi or Fantasy book-geek you know that the 2015 Hugo Awards were mired in controversy thanks to the actions of right wing conservatives, mostly older white guys. It’s a group that formed ‘Sad Puppies’ and it’s fraction spin-off the even more extreme ‘Rabid Puppies’. They aim to fight back against what they see as liberal bias in Sci-Fi and Fantasy towards women, LGBTQ and the mythic liberal agenda. Yes these are the terms the USA Republicans use too, this is because the puppies are mostly Americans so there is a lot of cross over in the rubric.

Astro 16 & The Eisner Awards

stro City #16 is up for an Eisner Award this year. Why is this great news?

The story is called Wish I May, written by Kurt Busiek, art by Brent Eric Anderson, and it’s published by DC/Vertigo. Astro City has previously won 12 Eisner awards so to some extent there was a feeling of burnout when it was announced this year that it’s up for another. Astro City, again?! Look at it this way: Other comic books need to up their game, Astro City can’t help being this good. Why is Wish I May in particular up for an Eisner and why do I care so much about it? It’s complex, for personal reasons, and the issue takes some reading because it’s set in multiple time periods from two different perspectives. Before I get to why I think it matters I need to explain the story in depth, so spoiler alert for a comic that came out back in December 2014.

Cash & Carrie #1

Cash & Carrie #1 by Giulie Speziani and Penny is an independent comic from Crowntaker Studios; it has an interesting background but I’ll get to that later. I’m something of a comics extremist; I love all ages comics and I love sexy comics – I read the stuff in-between too but it’s rare when a muscled superhero story really grabs me these days. No white dudes punching each other through walls here, C&C is a gentle all-ages mystery comic.

I Am Cait, Episode 3- Friendship Is Magic?

It’s the I Am Cait road trip part two, with this episode carrying on from the last one during a four day road trip. Normally each episode has a theme, this week is no different, it’s friendship. We get more Caitlyn partying and being rude to people, but also some realisation that she’s not acting in the best way, with her mending relationships. So it’s not quite the slow motion train wreck of last week where Caitlyn Jenner proved to be a diva of the worst kind. Is the show any better? Well

How Canada and the U.S. Can Improve Transgender Health Care Rights

It’s political season both in the USA and here in Canada. The US has an election on November 8th 2016; here in Canada we have an election on October 19th 2015 (a 78-day election campaign; it’s our longest election campaign ever.) In celebration of politics running rampant like two frisky rabbits in springtime, let’s get political and talk about health care!

I Am Cait #2 – It Goes Bad

Reality TV is a parallel to reality, it’s been packaged and polished; Caitlyn Jenner’s I Am Cait delivers this unreality. A lot of people love this kind of TV, but I’m not one of them. So before I even try to unpack the content of the show, I struggle with its format. Last week, I was largely positive toward Caitlyn personally, as well as the show; for one of those, it’s about to change.