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How Canada and the U.S. Can Improve Transgender Health Care Rights

It’s political season both in the USA and here in Canada. The US has an election on November 8th 2016; here in Canada we have an election on October 19th 2015 (a 78-day election campaign; it’s our longest election campaign ever.) In celebration of politics running rampant like two frisky rabbits in springtime, let’s get political and talk about health care!

Bathroom Debate in Canada Again

The bathroom debate won’t go away. I’m scrolling though Twitter, tea in one hand, warm cat on my lap, and I read another piece describing awful transphobia toward a seven-year-old girl in Canada. Cisgender people somehow think that trans people are a danger to them in bathrooms; it’s an idea that drives past ignorance and into the desert of bigotry, but it’s an idea uninformed politicians don’t want to shake.