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Feminism, Feminists And Joss Whedon

#NotAllMen but a certain group of people, made up of almost all men, are rabidly anti-feminist. Feminism is a word that people seem to react to and yet consistently misunderstand, the dictionary defines feminism as “A movement for granting women political, social, and economic equality with men.” Which shows that feminism is about equality; women need to catch up with all the benefits that just being born male has bestowed on 49% of the earth’s population for hundreds of years. Feminism then is a reasonable goal and yet every time an excuse presents itself a small percentage love to blame feminism for anything they can. Lots of red lights on the morning commute? Feminism. Ice cream melting? Feminism. Movie director leaves Twitter? Feminism.

The Marvel Excalibur Movie I Want To See


Marvel is willing to make movies out of its more obscure properties; we’ve seen this already with Guardians and Ant-Man. Both of those were pretty far down in the Marvel roster of popularity. The movie boost worked for Guardians, I’m not yet convinced it will work for Ant-Man, I have doubts but we’ll see soon enough. So what about properties that were once not obscure but no longer exist?

Why All Those Sexist Complaints About The New Ghostbusters Movie Are Garbage


Originally posted to The Mary Sue

I simply love the first Ghostbusters movie, though I know it has issues. It gets lost a little in the last third, and its treatment of women is not exactly that positive (right from the opening, where a professor is targeting a student for sex). Despite that, I’d still argue that the movie contains some of the greatest filmmaking of all time. Okay, I might be biased as I’m a fan, but even Bill Murray agrees. Clearly he’s not biased because he’s Bill freaking Murray. I won’t argue with Bill freaking Murray.