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Why is Batgirl #45 the way it is Buy it Buy it Buy it Buy it

Batgirl #45 is out and I’m going to gush for a while. If you don’t want a happy reviewer reviewing happily, you are in the wrong place my friend. The angry website is just over that way! ->

Batgirl has quietly become the most progressive mainstream comic. DC itself may or may not deserve praise for this, the current team behind Batgirl certainly do. The team consists of writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher, artist & cover artist Babs Tarr, colourist Serge LaPointe, and letterer Steve Wands. If you know them or follow them on Twitter you should give them kudos for the current Batgirl run.

Importance of Body Representation in Comics Not every woman is slim, has large breasts and blonde hair...

You might find this article humerus but more likely it’ll be the butt of jokes. I don’t think it’s a waist of time though, I want to get ahead of the curve even though it might be hairy, I quite can’t put my finger on why. These puns may be on their last leg but we’ve got body representation to talk about so let’s see what we can do before people fight tooth and nail!

MRA Actions Fail at the 2015 Hugo Awards


If you are at all a Sci-Fi or Fantasy book-geek you know that the 2015 Hugo Awards were mired in controversy thanks to the actions of right wing conservatives, mostly older white guys. It’s a group that formed ‘Sad Puppies’ and it’s fraction spin-off the even more extreme ‘Rabid Puppies’. They aim to fight back against what they see as liberal bias in Sci-Fi and Fantasy towards women, LGBTQ and the mythic liberal agenda. Yes these are the terms the USA Republicans use too, this is because the puppies are mostly Americans so there is a lot of cross over in the rubric.

Witcher 3 & Equal Opportunity Bottoms

At long last the oft-delayed, sprawling, 100-plus-hour epic role playing game from CD Projekt, The Witcher 3, is out. It’s a free-roaming, open world game where you can do the main storyline, or faff about doing things like picking flowers like I did in Skyrim, or collecting junk like in Fallout 3, or different ores in Dragon Age: Inquisition. You get the idea; I waste a lot of time in these games doing side quests and collecting things. Which is both good and bad; I certainly get my money’s worth out of open RPGs, but it can take me a while to complete them.

Feminism, Feminists And Joss Whedon

#NotAllMen but a certain group of people, made up of almost all men, are rabidly anti-feminist. Feminism is a word that people seem to react to and yet consistently misunderstand, the dictionary defines feminism as “A movement for granting women political, social, and economic equality with men.” Which shows that feminism is about equality; women need to catch up with all the benefits that just being born male has bestowed on 49% of the earth’s population for hundreds of years. Feminism then is a reasonable goal and yet every time an excuse presents itself a small percentage love to blame feminism for anything they can. Lots of red lights on the morning commute? Feminism. Ice cream melting? Feminism. Movie director leaves Twitter? Feminism.

What is the Male Gaze? What is the Female Gaze?

What is the male gaze? What is female gaze? And why aren’t the two equivalent?

The male gaze was first used to describe how the audience for a movie is required to observe from the perspective of a heterosexual male; in almost all movies woman exist for men to enjoy, and the message is you too could have this. I say “this” because what the male gaze does is reduce the woman down to an object for the man.