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Marcy (@marcyjcook) is writer with a nerd job that pays some of the bills. She lives with far too many cats, she’s trans, sex positive and has an ongoing sordid love affair with Lego. Those last two are not related… probably.

The Wonderful Giant Days from Boom! Studios They look regular sized to me

Giant Days is a deceptively simple story of three friends that start University together in England and over the course of three weeks become firm friends. It’s so well done that Giant Days has become one of my favourite comics of the year so far. The writer is John Allison of the webcomics Bobbins, Scary Go Round and Bad Machinery. This is his first published comic and, weird side fact, John lives where I used to live in Greater Manchester. Giant Days artist is Lissa Treiman who is currently working for Disney and the publisher is Boom! Studios.

Political Correctness in Comics During 2015 Political Correctness = Politeness

I’ve just read an article that told me to shut up. That they believe the status quo is good enough and people pushing for equality should be happy because they already have it. I’m used to seeing political articles like this come from people like Donald Trump, or Jeb Bush. I’m not used to it in the world of comics criticism. It’s by Mindy Newell, and if you are so inclined you can find it over here. Someone telling me to shut up has the opposite effect on me. I suspect the article at Comicmix is a bait piece, and I’m going to do my suicidal fish impression and leap on that hook.

Why is Batgirl #45 the way it is Buy it Buy it Buy it Buy it

Batgirl #45 is out and I’m going to gush for a while. If you don’t want a happy reviewer reviewing happily, you are in the wrong place my friend. The angry website is just over that way! ->

Batgirl has quietly become the most progressive mainstream comic. DC itself may or may not deserve praise for this, the current team behind Batgirl certainly do. The team consists of writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher, artist & cover artist Babs Tarr, colourist Serge LaPointe, and letterer Steve Wands. If you know them or follow them on Twitter you should give them kudos for the current Batgirl run.

Importance of Body Representation in Comics Not every woman is slim, has large breasts and blonde hair...

You might find this article humerus but more likely it’ll be the butt of jokes. I don’t think it’s a waist of time though, I want to get ahead of the curve even though it might be hairy, I quite can’t put my finger on why. These puns may be on their last leg but we’ve got body representation to talk about so let’s see what we can do before people fight tooth and nail!

Hellishly Good Hellcat Mrowl

Hellcat #1, written by Kate Leth, art by Brittney L Williams, colours by Megan Wilson, letters by VC’s Joe Sabino & Clayton Cowles, cover by Brittney Williams

I prepared for the 2016 comic book version of Hellcat by reading some of the old 2008 run (the only other exposure to Patsy Walker I’ve had before this was on the Jessica Jones Netflix series). In the old comics Patsy was enthusiastic if haphazard, bouncing around solving things using her mystic senses, some punching, and a lot of talking. The modern Hellcat of 2016 modernizes but builds on the old Patsy and the ground laid by Marvel’s She-HulkSquirrel Girl, and DC’s Gotham Academy.

Transgender Employee Treatment in 2015 You can come out. It's just never promote you again, or even listen to you

HRC have released their 2015 Corporate Equality Index. This annual study shows which are the best U.S. firms to work for if you are LGBT, you can find it here. HRC has had something of a questionable relationship with transgender people over the years, but this annual research has been conducted since 2002, providing a treasure trove of data for how corporate America has changed its attitude towards LGBT staff; I’m going to look in particular detail about how the that relationship is evolving for transgender employees.

Coming Out at Work As Transgender Airing my underwear on the Internet

I’ve been hiding the fact I’m transgender from my workplace for years now, because I’m absolutely terrified of coming out where I work. Telling my parents was much easier than this! I think it’s a mixture of things that has been stopping me, and some of them make no sense even to me. For example: fear of losing respect, of being the focus and attention of colleagues and strangers, and (the biggie) a fear of losing my job. Of course, really only the latter one matters, but when you have anxiety like I do, you lose your grip on whether something is small in scale or huge.

The New Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X Phones From Google beep boop bleep boop

At a live conference yesterday, Google announced a plethora of new products: A new Chromecast with better Wi-Fi reception, Chromecast Audio designed to connect to speakers—both $35—and a new Android tablet called the Pixel C, which is the first tablet made by Google. The Tablet looks really good, but starting at $500 and $150 for the keyboard it’s also costly. Or at least seems like it until you compare it to the iPad Pro, which starts at $800. Although I want to get my paws on the Pixel C for review I want to concentrate on the new Google Android 6 phones.