Part Two – Changing Your Drivers Licence and Care Card The Next Steps in the Long Process of Updating ID

Changing Your Drivers Licence and Care Card


Part One is here

This process will change both your name and sex marker on two pieces of primary ID


Step One


Collect those forms


Before you proceed down these steps if you are updating your BC Birth Certificate (were born in BC) then you should do that first. You can find out how to do that here: /


First of all we need to fill out more forms, because of course we do. You can pick up the form from the page below, the link is here: /


You also need a completed “Physician’s or Psychologist’s Confirmation of Change of Gender Designation form”, This needs doing before you can get any further with your Drivers Licence and Care Card. I had my Endo fill in the form for me, it cost me $12.


Step Two


Complete the forms


After they are complete photocopy everything, you’ll need the BCSC_509a again later.


Fill in the forms, send them in to:

Health Insurance BC

PO Box 9035 Stn Prov Govt,

Victoria BC, V8W 9E3




Your employer pays for your MSP contribution. If that’s the case you need to submit the forms to your employer’s Human Resources. Talk to them first and confirm this.


Step Three


Wait … then off to ICBC


It took a month for my letter from BC Health Services to arrive, when you get this letter then it means you can head to the ICBC to start the actual licence renewal.


At the ICBC you need the letter, your name change and your old drivers licence and care card and you physician’s signed document. It says you need a photocopy of your BCSC_509a and if you have it the process will be easier. It is technically optional but the ICBS might just argue. Better to take the easy path. You’ll sign a couple of items, get your photo taken and be charged $45 which is the cost of the drivers licence. The care card replacement is free.


I strongly recommend that you do not get the combined drivers licence and care card, if you keep them separate then you have two different primary IDs and that can come in handy.


You now get the interim yellow paper licence and a white letter care card – these will have your new name and sex marker on them – CONGRATS! These are legal ID but obviously don’t have your photo on them so can’t be used as primary ID.


Now wait between six days and a month for your new drivers licence and care card to arrive in the mail!


Complete cost of Part Two is $55, total including Part One is $307


Part Three will be Citizenship Certificate.